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Penta-sense – the formula against caries

Penta-sense – the formula against caries

The Penta-sense mouthing pastilles with the natural active ingredient xylitol are the formula against dental caries and the emergence of carious teeth.

Penta-sense supports you and your children very well in addition to the well-known dental care with toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss.

With the Penta-sense mouthing pastille, you have the possibility to use an additional prevention measure, applying them is not only easy, but also having an excellent taste.

You will easily convince your children of dental care. Because through the pleasant taste and ease of application, your kids will love Penta-sense. We and our children love the taste of Penta-sense and would no longer have to miss the delicious pastilles.

Advantage of Penta-sense

Not only does caries bacteria to fight by Penta-sense at the same time afford the anti-caries sucking lozenges is also a substantial contribution to the preservation of the tooth mineralization.

If you tell your children they should take yet a delicious sucking Tablet after brushing your teeth, they will be brushing their teeth without complaining. You benefit from the effects of the contained Xylits; the dangerous acid formation, bacterial plaque and the formation of tartar is a thing of the past.

Penta-sense should be applied after every meal, snack, and brush your teeth, because this, the maximum effect is achieved by the natural active ingredient xylitol. So children and young people are even easier to inspire, Penta-sense was designed in four delicious flavours.

Dental care that tastes.

Please note the recommended application of Penta-sense:

  • Adults can slowly dissolve in the mouth after every meal or after brushing.
  • From the age of 12, not more than 5 lozenges per day should be taken.
  • Children between 6 and 12 years should take no more than three lozenges a day.
  • Children aged between 3 and 6 years of age should use no more than two lozenges per day.
  • The lozenges are not suitable for children under three years of age. (Risk of suffocation if swallowed)

The founding story of Penta-sense

In 2009, the founder Randall Pitts discovered xylitol by chance. After intensive research, and convinced of the effect he decided along with his wife, to incorporate xylitol into the trace of his family dental care. Initially using xylitol as powder for mouthwash, but since the application was inconvenient and annoying, you were desirous for an application that is easier and more pleasant.

Thus, the idea to the anti-caries-sucking pastille originated.

In 2010 Randall pits wanted to protect not only his own family from the formation of caries, but let the entire population be part of this simple and effective solution. The anti-caries sucking lozenges should be groundbreaking in caries prevention, thus the founding idea was born and the Penta-sense start-up was founded.

In 2011, the development of anti-caries sucking lozenges product influenced intensive research of international and scientific studies on the effectiveness of xylitol.

The founders of Penta-Sense was developing not only the optimal effectiveness of xylitol on the heart, but it was especially important that no unhealthy and tooth-damaging substances were included, no Apple, wine, or citric acid should be used. The Penta-sense mouthing pastillen contain only four to five ingredients, faithful of the maxim “as much as necessary, as little as possible”.

In 2012 the product was marketable and sold through in online stores. The first collaborations and partnerships with Penta-sense, in the form of Orthodontists and dentists, arose.

Today, Penta-sense is the specialist for professional dental care with the natural active ingredient xylitol. The optimum effect of xylitol in dental health is the focus. The day-to-day business is accompanied by regular training courses and training of dental professionals.

Penta-sense finds itself in the field of cosmetics and founded a new product segment with the anti-caries sucking pastille. Unlike other products Penta-sense is not food, but a cosmetic product, due to the sucking property for the professional dental care.

Who is behind Penta-sense?

Firstly, the founder Randall Pitts, father of four children, who are lazy towards dental care.

He spent years to deepen his knowledge of the effect of xylitol in caries prevention and thus has become a competent contact person for dental professionals. He is not only the initiator and Managing Director of Penta-sense, he is also responsible for product development, sales and training of dental professionals.

On the other hand Philip Kirchhof, also father of two children, who consume sugary products and are thus exposed to an increased risk of caries.

Due to some dental damage he suffered in the course of life, he runs the company therefore also out of self-interest.

Firstly he cares due to his experience in the commercial sector to the finances of the company and on the other hand he also cares about continuous development and the expansion of the sales.

Range of Penta-sense

Currently, there are five different products of Penta-sense.

The tasting set consisting of four different flavours:

Raspberry, Orange, Lemon and Peppermint and contain 30 pastilles.

Trial set:

Currently, there are four different flavours:

The sucking lozenges of Penta-sense contain 2 grams of xylitol and melt slowly in your mouth, thereby achieving the desired effect.

  • Bekämpfen schädliche Kariesbakterien
  • Hemmen die Bildung von Zahnbelag
  • Verhindern die schädliche Säurebildung nach den Mahlzeiten und tragen zur
  • Erhaltung der Zahnmineralisierung bei und schmecken auch noch prima!
  • Hochqualitativ hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Mit Naturwirkstoff Xylit
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