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Caries in children – An end to it!

Caries in children – An end to it!

Caries in children – the issue which has pushed us to create this page and to inform as many people as possible about the revolutionary problem solution possible.

We were probably facing the same problem with your children, before you entered the term “Dental caries in children” into the search engine.

There are the first signs of carious teeth. And now you are wondering what to do? Forbid the child from sweets? Brushing more often? Let us tell you both is unnecessary.
Because there is a method that is stress-free for you, because you do not need to discuss with your children.

Unfortunately, tooth decay in children is still widely common.

We introduce a solution in this post, which helps to prevent caries in children. However, the best part is, it doesn’t hurt, it tastes, and your kids will love you for it.

Causes of caries in children

There should actually be no Caries in children, but unfortunately is not the case.

As in any age, caries is an issue in children often due to increased sugar intake.

This is especially common in childhood, because sugar can be hidden pretty much anywhere.

The different types of sugar are:

  • Fruit sugar (fructose)
  • Dextrose (glucose)
  • Milk sugar (maltose)

The two biggest enemies of teeth are glucose and fructose, because both types of sugar can be transformed by the bacteria in the mouth into acids easily.

And these acid attacks the teeth and unfortunately cause tooth decay in children.

Should we ban everything our children like?

There are various types of fruits, fruit juices and delicious treats.
Of course you should pay attention to a healthy amount, but you shouldn’t forbid them.

There’s a simpler solution, which we now like to present to you.

The solution to caries in children is – Penta Sense pastillen

Penta-sense contains the active ingredient xylitol. Just because of the name, the alarm bells should ring, as was the case with us, read on.
Xylitol is a pure natural sugar substitute.

Xylitol does not concern chemistry, as you may have suspected. It is best to read our post about xylitol, whereby all the details have been explained, discovery and clinical trials, from which xylitol is extracted.

This anti-caries sucking lozenges are able to render the dangerous acids which attack the tooth harmless. In doing so, they taste excellent and your children will love them.

Penta-sense is not only suitable for children, but for the whole family.

Try Penta-sense. You will be delighted. Children will be thrilled, because our children and us are too.

Say “Goodbye” to the caries in you and your children. Suck an anti-caries pellet after every meal will thus reduce the harmful acid formation. Reduce this bacterial plaque and the formation of tartar for both you and your children.

The active ingredient of xylitol contained in the Penta-sense pastillen cannot be processed by caries bacteria. This stops the harmful acid formation and plaque have it hard to stick to the teeth.

Penta-sense is the ideal complement to the existing dental care.

Get Penta-sense in four delicious flavours: lemon, raspberry, Orange and Peppermint, there’s something for everyone.

It is best you order the Penta-sense mouthing pastillen right now and thus solve the “Caries in children” problem and also with you. The sooner you start to use Penta-sense, the sooner you get a relief for the teeth of your kids and for yourself.

Penta-sense anti-caries-sucking pastilles with xylitol

known from the TV show “The den of the Lions” on Vox

Trial set:

Currently, there are four different flavours:

The sucking lozenges of Penta-sense contain 2 grams of xylitol and melt slowly in your mouth, thereby achieving the desired effect.

  • Combat harmful caries bacteria
  • Inhibit the formation of dental plaque
  • Prevent the harmful acid formation after meals and contribute to the preservation of the tooth mineralization and taste!
  • High-quality made in Germany
  • With natural active ingredient xylitol
  • Xylitol – helps also against sugar cravings
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